thanksgiving dialectic

As I was just telling my friend Julie, you know you're getting dark and twisty (and living in France too long, and possibly watching too much "Grey's Anatomy") when you're rolling your eyes at the voice messages left on your phone by Americans wishing you a happy gobble gobble day.

My first year in France, I flew home for Thanksgiving. Last year I felt like an ambassador, mildly festive, mildly observant.

This year I'm going to see Borat with Julie and trying not to write any more blog posts comparing breaking up with getting run over by a bicyclist.

To those of you who are celebrating Thanksgiving today: enjoy your turkey and your day at the mall tomorrow. I am thankful for all that I have, and I'm thankful for it every day, I don't need a holiday which bears the faint whiff of genocide to remind me.

I do miss my family, and the comforting sound of (American) football on television, with a fire going in the living room. So I give thanks that they're there, even if it is without me, and I give thanks that I'll be on a plane in three weeks to be with them for Christmas.

Gobble gobble indeed.


lottie said...

Oh Borat! He's on my list but when he first came out in London, tickets simply flew. Funnily enough my French teacher said she thought his humour was very French.

Alice said...

Sounds like a good approach to this "holiday," if you ask me! I'll be honest with you, I never know how to go about it, and I've been living here for 4 years now... Being so far away from home at this time of year, leading up to Christmas, is the hardest for me really, but then again, Thanksgiving seems to come and go without me even realizing it sometimes. It's as if it doesn't exist, because nothing happens here!

I thought about going out to do something at least to "mark" the occasion, but in the end I decided to have a quiet dinner at home with my boyfriend, nothing special. I did call my family back home in the U.S., but I totally agree with you that we need to be thankful for the good things we have every day, and not just on a "holiday" that was supposedly established for that reason...

'Course, I tend to be a bit ambiguous about a lot of things, so who knows, I may change my tune down the road!

In any case, hope you had a nice evening at the movies. (BTW, I saw Borat last weekend, and I think I was the one who laughed the loudest in the whole salle -- I was literally rolling on the floor, and my friends couldn't get over it! I think they thought my reactions were almost funnier than the movie itself.)

ParisBreakfasts said...

How was Borat-o-cide?
To see or not to see.
I can't de-cide..

Familial Thanksgiving
Is easily denied.
I'd rather be in Paris
Having macaron catharsis.

Huguenot said...

Rugby is waiting for you with open arms. Although New Zealand did just paste France 23-11 wooo!

Misplaced said...

To me the purpose of Thanksgiving is to remind me to be thankful much more often than I am. This usually last until the following Monday. Then I begin to bitch again.