the new reality

maitresse is on indefinite hiatus. please check back from time to time. I may have the heart to blog again. but I don't know when.



A White Bear said...

Are you okay, sweetheart? Email me if you need to vent something.

Anonymous said...

So what will become of us, your avid readers eager every morning to indulge in your beautiful writing?

Maria said...

Mais c'est pas vrai! T'étais comme la seule personne qui me donnait de l'espoir pour ce monde...avec tes billets toujours créatifs, un réfletion de ta vie dont tout le monde aimerait mèner. J'étais, même en tant que pessimiste, convaincue que c'était possible de mèner une vie originale malgré le monde et malgré tous ces responsibiites de la vie quotidienne qui semblent à être mille fois plus important qu'aucun livre. J'étais convaincue que c'était possible de gagner cette lutte incessant qui rage à l'intérieur et à l'éxtérieur de chacun de nous lorsqu'on se réveille chaque matin.

Il y a longtemps j'ai perdu cette lutte et donc ma capacité d'imaginer, d'inventer dans mon écriture, mais, for what it's worth.. both you and your blog have given me the courage to move to France and to try to see life with new eyes. Thank you so much for everything that you have contributed to your blog and to the lives of your readers.

laura said...

Lauren, I'm sorry you're down and discouraged about your blog, but you've got so much that's important going on in your life (my knowledge of which, of course, comes only from reading your blog) that it's hard to know the value of keeping on with it for the sake of keeping on. As a reader, I value your writing, photos, commentary very much and I wanted to let you know I'll miss them.

Huguenot said...

That's a terrible shame, I do hope it's more often than not. You're writing style is a constant inspiration. Where am I to steal my sentence constructions from now?

But seriously, without wanting to trivialise matters I hope things blow over. Bon courage.