in the last week, I have lost

1) several important documents
2) a receipt for a letter the post office is holding for me
3) fifteen pounds
4) the boy I thought was the love of my life

and I have gained

1) a cold
2) the aforementioned boots from comptoir des cotonniers
3) a therapist
4) a new blog host


The documents may turn up. I can't get the letter without the receipt so I may never get the letter back. The weight will stay off unless I go to Italy again and stuff more pizza down my gorge. The boy may come back. The cold will go away. The boots are hot. The therapist may be a long-term committment. And we'll see about the blog host (get a sneak peek here)...

Stay tuned, and get ready to adjust your bookmarks and RSS feeds.


Anonymous said...

You may be able to salvage the letter without the receipt.

Do you know what day you got it?

They file everything by day at La Poste so they can go through and find it. Sweet talking usually does the trick. Say that it was in a book that you lent someone and that person went back to NY with it... Etc.

I've done it. It works.

maitresse said...

I went to go get it but didn't know the exact date I received it-- they looked for it but couldn't find it.

And I have absolutely no idea who could have been sending me a letter en recommande so I can't tell them to resend it when they get it back!

I feel so powerless.

Anglofille said...

Sorry to learn that you're having a rough time. I'm sending you warm wishes and happy thoughts.

it's funny cos it's true said...

as someone who just found your blog today, I wonder A) why you are switiching to Typepad, and B) if you've yet read "The Mystery Guest," as this was how I found your site (which I quite like).

Good luck finding all the missings.

Miss Anna Louise said...

Lauren, I'm saddened to read about your losses. In a (possibly pathetic) attempt to tip the scales to the positive I thought I'd write to let you know what your blog has mean (or rather means) to me. Your adventures have persuaded me that sometime, even though failure looms, it is better to put yourself out there as there is so much to be gained. Since starting to read your blog I have:
a. Followed through on my life long love of reading and writing and got myself a gig reviewing novels for my local paper,
b. Enrolled in a French language course (start tomorrow night)
c. Started tennis lessons and golf lessons cause I always wanted to but thought I'd be hopeless. Now I know I'm hopeless, but its still fun.

I was going to send this to you via email, but in the spirit of putting yourself out there, here it is! And now you can add
"5. Inspired someone to get off their lazy butt"
to your gains list.
Thank you so much for sharing.
A xx

fashionista said...

I'm sorry to hear (read) that some things haven't been going so well for you. I hope the negatives turn into positives.


Gillian Young said...

Treat yourself to a nice meal at Palais de Tokyo, the food is good, the wine even better, and maybe you can take one of those swoon-worthy waiters home with you. (It was always my plan, although I tended to leave swooning and empty handed).

I'm so sorry about all this bad news. Just don't forget how amazing you are. Sometimes we have to love ourselves in the way we want others to love us. The most important relationship is the one you have with yourself- just sing your heart and and don't lose that.

Julia said...

I'm saddened to read this - from the other side of the world I'm thinking of you, and sending you blue skies and warmth.

Yes, sing your heart out and wear your boots, eat something yummy and know that we love ya.

VJ said...

The end is a new begging!!!

What you loose, might be not the thing that you deserved - meaning that something is better waiting for you.

Life goes as it has to go. Sad moments are very valuable, because they help to appreciate every sun beem afterwards...

What is love of the life?....

Huguenot said...

VJ: I'm betting on karaoke :P

maitresse said...

Thank you guys.

(r!): I'm switching for partly aesthetic, partly technical reasons. Blogger is great if you have the time and the inclination to futz around with HTML and CSS. I don't. But I still want my blog to look polished and pretty...

As for The Mystery Guest, there is a post a-brewing.

Anna, that is fantastic. You made my day. Bonne chance pour tes nouveaux projets!

Gill, Julia, S: I'll do my best!

VJ: nicely put. I'm trying to keep this side of begging :)

and Hugo: There are excellent odds that karaoke night is here to stay!

VJ said...

you live and you learn. More you suffer - less you live. That's means you are waisting your time? What are the oppotunity cost of this????

And if you think from this perspective - they are very big.

Meanwhile, a lot of fantastic things might happen!

Enjoy them!!!

ParisBreakfasts said...

For the cold: please start munching on Pomegranete seeds. Really it works.
For the lost document: I have no solution. But it happens all the time to me - losing important bits of paper. Sometimes they come back, falling from the ceiling etc. So I suggest looking skywards occasionally :)
I almost called you while in Paris..I so wish I had. We could have "troped" over tea. I will next time!
A trip to Venice might not be such a bad idea..sending kind thoughts to you :)

Sedulia said...

Oh, Maitresse, I'm so sorry. It's sad to have several things go wrong at once. I can't do anything about the boyfriend (although he obviously doesn't deserve you) but the letter can be obtained via the usual French techniques of telling your personal story (preferably to a sympathetic male teller, even if you have to wait for one) and then letting a discreet silence fall. If they really don't have it at your local post office, try the next one over.

It's normal to lose things when you're upset, even if that doesn't help....At least losing the weight will make your clothes look great. I hope you feel better soon. Why don't you go on a trip? Bon courage, anyway.