Nothing to see here;

everything to see here.

I'm mid-move and have so much I want to blog about (experiences renting the apartment, the move itself, "Paris je t'aime," Al Gore on The Daily Show) but am too busy/tired to attend to any of those topics. So I encourage you to go see the brilliant happenings at (once more for the slowpokes) Paris Breakfasts-- Carol is doing the kind of troping with forms and colors and calligraphy that makes my heart speed up and wish I could spend more time working with visuals rather than as well as words... what she's doing on her blog these days is sort of the visual equivalent of what I do as a literary critic, looking for the colors, commonalities and contrasts in vocabulary, colors, shading, ideas, representations, articulations, rhythms among one work, several works, one author, several authors. It's feeling the way things work together rather than seeing them, and then trying to get that into words.



Gina Louise said...

I cried during Paris, je t'aime. Well, parts of it. Parts I didn't like, but the whole I really really, um, loved, to be cliche. But then again, mimes get me every time.

ParisBreakfasts said...

WHOA! Merci maîtresse !
I'm honored by your comments and I'd give just about anything to be nearby to buy something from your closet sale instead of in ole New York. I was browsing theParisBlog instead of painting cherries as I should be doing on this steamy 4th of July when..OMG!
I'm feeling very pleased :)
Very nice indeed